Artist Development

Preparing artists for the business of music, helping to realize an artist’s full artistic potential, and assisting in career development through the following services:

Recording and Production:

  • Producing
  • Arranging
  • Multitrack Recording
  • Composing/co-writing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Digital Editing
  • Audio Duplication
  • Remote/Live Performance Recording


  • Artist Management
  • Mentoring, Career Advice and Career Planning
  • Booking Agent
  • Tour booking

Independent Recording Label:

  • Product Distribution
  • Radio Placement
  • Marketing
  • Video Production


What we do (and have a history of doing) for artists:

Get the attention of music publishers.

Assist in getting national radio airplay.

Produce and Record label-ready product. (professional tracking, mixing, mastering: live piano and authentic quality production)

Co-write songs.

Produce professional song demos.

Develop an artist’s song writing skills.

Branding statements.

Image consulting.


Produce music videos.

EPK Press material.

How do we get paid:

It differs by client objective, but it is usually a combination of success based payments (royalties and finders-fees) and retainers.

We realize our role in an artist’s career, to develop the early part of an artist’s career. We do represent the artist as a publisher, label, producer, manager, booking agent etc. until they have reached a point that a dedicated professional can take over that one service. We do not have the ability to fully represent our clients in all aspects of the music industry. We won’t lie to an artist to take a 360 deal. Our goal is develop an artist to the point where a dedicated professional can take over each individual role.


BFMP Artist Development Mission Statement

Boreal Forest Music Productions (BFMP) is an independent record label specializing in production and artist development.

We believe that the future of music distribution lies in a market where independents can thrive. By producing high quality market friendly productions, we aim to assist talent in bringing their product to mainstream audiences through radio, live venues, multimedia, Internet and more.

We at BFMP deem Artist Development to be an integral part of an artist’s success. BFMP works directly with talented, dedicated and motivated singer/songwriters in the early parts of their career. Our intentions with Artist Development are to work with artists to improve all aspects of their skills to reach a point of excellence in areas such as song writing, record production, vocal development, instrument proficiency, stage presence and more. Our goal is to empower artists through quality production, recording and career leadership.

Based in the London Ontario music scene, BFMP has close ties to Fanshawe College’s Music Industry Arts and UWO’s Music Faculty. We feel it is important to give opportunities to up and coming music industry professionals by providing internship positions and career placements. Having such interns also benefits BFMP by providing us with diversity and fresh insight into the evolving music and music business trends.

BFMP is a musician run label, not business people looking to get into the music market. All members of the BFMP team are educated in the Music Industry with the majority being graduates from Fanshawe’s Music Industry Arts program.

Our goal is to thrive in an international music market and to compete against the other major and independent labels for chart-topping success.